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Vadodara SOG busted duplicate currency racket arrested four

Vadodara SOG busted duplicate currency racket arrested four

Vadodara police yesterday evening busted a inter state duplicate currency racket and arrested four accused including one from Indore. The police seized duplicate currency worth rs 3,02,000 lac from them contains notes in the denomination of 500 and 2000. Police also recovered mouser pistol, scanner, printer, laptop, focus light, paper cutting machine from them.

Based on the information the SOG team kept a watch near Essar Petrol Pump at Dabhoi road and arrested Sunil Patil, Naresh Prajapati, Krushil Prajapati and Mohsin Makrani while they are trying to circulate the duplicate currency. The SOG team recovered duplicate currency of 3,02,000 from them in the denomination of 500 and 2000 notes.

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The main accused Sunil Patil is the resident of Indore and earlier served jail term in the same offence. The other three are from Bodeli and involved in the racket with the main accused. All of them are trying to circulate the currency in Vadodara but was caught by the police.

"It's a big achievement for the Vadodara police as they busted the racket in time before the accused succed. The main accused was out of jail one and half months ago and came in contact with Naresh Prajapati where they decide to print the currency. They ordered some equipments used for duplication online and started their work. In their first attempt they failed as the present notes are highly secured. In their second attempt they somehow managed to print good quality notes which they plan to circulate among the larris, rickshaw drivers and small businessmen. However before they succed our police caught them and foiled their plan," said Manoj Shashidhar police commissioner Vadodara.

During primary interrogation the police found that Naresh Prajapati was in heavy debt and try to earn money through shortcut. During that time he met the main accused Sunil Patil at Indore and both decide to indulge in the business of making duplicate currency and circulate them in the market.

After the police busted the racket they seized the equipments from the house of Sunil Patil at Indore. The police also recovered a mouser from him with live cartridges.

Sunil Patil first scan the original copy of the currency then print it on high quality paper. Then he finely cut it and publish serial number with the help of screen printing. He then used special chemical to draw the water mark of Gandhiji. At the end he paste the security thread with the help of a solution as final touches to the duplication. On first sight normal people almost can't find the duplication and that is there MO to circulate the notes among them. The accused also is about to duplicate the recently released 200 currency note to circulate them among the vegetable vendors or provision stores.

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