On 7th April the SOG team received the input about the person named Hiren Vaishnav resident of Shantikunj society Deep Chambers and involved in buying and selling at online portal OLX and have many laptops in his home which is suspicious.

IMG-20170408-WA0005Based on the information the team hiding their identity along with the Panch visit the house of the person pretending to be the customer. The team was shocked to see the collection of 44 laptops of different brands and caught him with the laptops cost around more than 5 lakhs.

Hiren Vaishnav is a computer software engineer and when the team interrogate him he revealed that he purchased old laptops on the online portal and also from one Abbas Rajkot wala from Mumbai. He then format the data of the laptops and install the new software and sold it the needy customers. He also has a account in the online portal OLX website and lure the customers ‘Sabse Acha Sabse Sasta’ like comment and upload the pics and selling the laptops without proper bills.

IMG-20170408-WA0007The team seized 44 laptops which he possessed without having any bills, writing or identity proofs. During interrogation it was also revealed that the accused was running the business just like that selling and purchasing the laptops with any authentication or bills. The police seized the laptops and handover the accused to Manjalpur police station for further investigation.

The police also released the model name and number of the laptops for the customers who get cheated by him.