Vadodara SOG arrested one Deepak Nainvani resident of Khodiyarnagar in the city who act as a duplicate police. Police recovered duplicate I cards, police uniforms, bike, airgun and other items related to police from him. The accused was handover to the Harni police for further investigation.

The incharge SOG PI H.M. Vyas and his team was in the patrolling and recieved a tip about a person acting as a police and sitting on his bike near the tea stall near P&T colony in front of the old airport gate. The police reached the spot and arrested the accused Deepak Nainvani wearing Gujarat police mark jacket.

The SOG team recovered duplicate I cards with the accused wearing police uniform, Anup Thapa Security Agency and Escort Security Agency I cards and driving licence, police uniform with Gujarat police and Panchmahal police logo, PMS badge, Deepak SN nameplate, belt and cap, carbonate stick usually issued to police jawans, Gujarat police mark jacket, mobile phone having pictures of him in different angles and places with police uniform and airgun.

The accused possess the police I card with duplicate name of Rajyasevak and bogus papers and act as a police and used the above. He purchased the police uniform and stuck Panchmahal police badge and logo on it. The motorcycle he used has police written on it and also having the police stick with him.

The SOG arrested him and handover him to the Harni police and they booked him under 170, 171, 465, 468 and 471 and further investigating.