Vadodara residents disrupted traffic in protest against water shortage

National Safety Day 2021

Residents of Bhutdizampa area in Vadodara disrupt the traffic in protest against water woes in the area. The locals are facing water shortage for the last one week and decides to disrupt the traffic on Thursday in their area to press forward their demands.

This year Gujarat is facing water shortage and starts various schemes and projects for lake and river cleanliness and store the rain water. Vadodara city is also facing the same situation and people are having no option but to protest against the administration.

The residents of Bhutdizampa also facing the same water woes for the last one week and report the matter to the local councillor and concerned authorities. However the problem was unresolved and on Thursday the resident out on the main road and disrupt the traffic for hours in protest against the water shortage in the area. They shouted slogans against the corporation and demand water for them.

The locals sit on the road and disrupt the traffic for hours in protest. Local councillor Farid Cutpiecewala rushed to the spot and tried to solve the situation.  He said the motor of the pumping station is not working and try to shield the authorities and on the other side claimed to be already informed the authorities about the problem.

With this protest the traffic was disrupted for hours and the daily commuters face the heat of the protest as they have to wait in the heat. Police also reached the spot before the matter went out of hand and control the situation.



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