Stick all necessary documents on the helmet and drive

Not everyone is obeying traffic rules in Vadodara and police is running various campaigns to aware the people to follow the rules for their safety. However it needs more efforts to sensitise people to obey the traffic rules and drive with safety.

With new traffic rules in place all across the country, people are now rushing to have their insurance, licence, RC book at place to save themselves from hefty fines. People are also trying unique ways to help themselves from being stuck in any traffic glitches and move ahead.

Rampal Shah a insurance agent invent a unique way to obey the rules and inspire others to think about their safety. Using the helmet he laminated his licence, RC book, insurance copy and PUC on it for the traffic cops. He stuck all the copies on the helmet and shows a unique way to kept the necessary documents at one place.

The idea is a instant hit as people visit him and curiously look at the unique helmet with all driving related documents stick on it. Rampal said the aim is to obey traffic rules and keep the documents at one place to show the cops whenever they asked. He requested the others to follow the traffic rules and drive safely.


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