465 people performed 108 Suryanamaskar in 100 minutes

Vadodara city registers its name in the World Book Of Records after 465 people performed 108 Suryanamaskar in 100 minutes without any break. The record was attempted on Wednesday morning inside the Yogniketan under the guidance of professional trainer and his young team. This is the first of its kind record ever attempted anywhere in the world.

As a precursor to the International Yoga Day celebrated every year on 21st June the event was held early in the morning starting in Brahmamuhurta. Under the guidance of leading trainer Maripelly Praveen and his young team the Barodians from young to elderly all gathered at the place at Yogniketan and be the part of world record.

“After the warm up for 30 minutes 465 members completed 108 Suryanamaskar in 100 minutes without any break. The attempt started in Brahmamuhurta at 4.30 amand ends at 6.10 am as Vadodara register its name in the record books. Before that we give 30 days free training to all by myself and a young trained team under my guidance. The confirmation is already given to us and now we have to send the evidence to the record committee for formally register our name in the book,” said Praveen.

The World Book of Records performance witnessed by Gujarat Assembly speaker Rajendra Trivedi, MP Ranjan Bhatt, City Mayor Jigisha Sheth and Ramkrishna Mission Swamiji. Participants are from 13 to 77yr age group with majority of female participation. The official confirmation of female participation is 71% and male 29% in the record attempt.

Last year also 276 members perform Suryanamaskar on the International Yoga Day and this time 465 people perform 108 Suryanamaskar in 100 minutes and register their names in world record book.