Vadodara Railway Hospital Pratapnagar tested its new innovative device to serve isolated patients


ROBOCART can reduce the risk of getting exposed and maintaining social distancing principles

Amidst of COVID-19 crisis, The Divisonal Railway Hospital, Pratapnagar, Vadodara has tested its new innovative device to serve isolated patients while maintaining  social distancing principles. The ROBOCART can help to reduce both the burden on healthcare professionals as well as the risk of them being exposed to the deadly virus.

The device is expected to be cost-effective and is perfect example for the doctors and medical staff to maintain social distance while treating the COVID patients. The innovative idea was initiated and approved by Dr.(Lt. Col.)  Brhamprakash ( Chief Medical Superintendent- Vadodara ), Dr. K Kumar(Additional Chief Medical Superintendent ) and Jonils Macwan, Senior Nursing Superintebndent. Idea was highly supported with device designing by Mithiliesh Patel, Vraj Innovator, Vadodara.

The devise was designed within a span of 8  hours by designer in a bid to prevent doctors and medical staff from getting infected  with coronavirus. The railway hospital has deployed robot car to serve food and medicines to COVID-19 patients or people infected with the disease.

Supplying food and providing medicines to coronavirus positive patients in hospital has remained a challenge. This is why humans are taking the help of machines. It can be easily decontaminated with the use of disinfectant for quick reuse. A demonstration involving the ROBOCART was done in ward.


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