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Vadodara police starts Samajh Sparsh Ki Pathshala initiative in their campaign for the children

Vadodara police starts Samajh Sparsh Ki Pathshala initiative in their campaign for the children

Will upload small educative videos to reach every children

The recent rape incidents of little girls once again raise the question about the safety of children in the society. Lots of campaigns are running to aware the society but it needs to reach the large population of people which helps in control such crime.

Vadodara city police is running a unique campaign titled 'Samajh Sparsh Ki' to aware the children and the parents about Good and Bad touch. Brain child of IPS officer Saroj Kumari who works as Deputy Commissioner in Vadodara started the campaign to fight sexual harassment towards children. The aim is to make the children confident enough to fight with such offenders and get to know the difference between Good and bad people.

The team of police officers visit the schools and other institutes to spread the awareness about the topic with motivational talks, presentations and live demos. Taking forward the campaign and in order to reach the wider audience the team started a new initiative called 'Samajh Sparsh Ki Pathshala' where they make small videos and upload on social media for a wider reach.

"The campaign run by the Vadodara city police is to educate children about the Good and Bad touch and also to aware the parents and teachers about identifying such situations. We started the new initiative 'Samajh Sparsh Ki Pathshala' where we upload educative videos of the topic on social media to reach all the children and create a safe and secure environment for them," said Saroj Kumari DCP Zone 4 Vadodara.

She further said that the aim is to extend their reach and spread the message more effectively to the children and parents. The small videos will be like the continuation of the topics from the previous which gives the information about the subject more deeply and effectively. In other words it's like the teacher teaches the students inside the classroom.

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