Vadodara police on Saturday conducted a rally in the city area to spread awareness about the newly formed She Team. The special team has been formed to help women, children and the elderly.

About 50 police personnel from Wadi and Panigate police stations along with the She team of both took part in the rally. It also included PCR mobiles and 20 motorcycles to spread the awareness among people about the working of the She teams.

The rally was organized in two parts. Pamphlets have been distributed to the people in Harnakhana Road, Panigate Police Station, Jamnabai Hospital, Mandvi, Gendigate, Jahangirpura areas by the first rally moves forwards with along with posters and banners.

The rally was followed by second one with motorcycles moved on Wadi Swaminarayan Mandir, Amar Pan House, Gajrawadi, Soma Talav, Gurukul Char Rasta, Parivar Char Rasta, Vrindavan, Uma Char Rasta, Ayurvedic Char Rasta, Panigate Darwaja, Mandvi, MG Road, Laheripura, Shivaji Chowk, Nani Shak market, Chokhandi, Mughal restaurant, Rangmahal and completed at Swami Narayan temple.

In order to strengthen the safety of women and children in Vadodara city and to help senior citizens, this quick response SHE TEAM has been formed with utmost sensitivity by the Vadodara City Police.

It is important to note that at a time when cases of atrocities against women and molestation are increasing day by day, this team of city police will continue patrolling and provide security to women.

Talking about the specialty of She team, there will be six women members in one team. All these women will be well educated and trained. In cases of domestic violence, the team will coordinate with the police as well as Abhayam and counsel the victim. The She team will prove to be very important especially regarding the safety of women.

Each police station will have a “SHE TEAM” functional. Enthusiastic, competent, resourceful, highly educated male and female employees from each police station will be on duty in “SHE TEAM”.

Main operations of SHE TEAM

1. Counseling on petitions relating to domestic violence and atrocities against women

2. To keep a patrol in an unoccupied place in a good police station area to avoid incidents of foeticide / abandonment of newborns.

3. Girls from other countries are trafficked into the blood trade. The task of keep watch over such activities

4. Provide counseling services to women victims of abduction, rape and domestic violence / physical violence with the help of NGOs / psychiatrists as well as provide necessary guidance on compensation for women victims.

5. Rehabilitation of women in slum areas by preventing illegal activities.


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