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Vadodara police officer Arun Mishra realising motto of true service to people

Vadodara police officer Arun Mishra realising motto of true service to people

Joined duty immediately after donating 500 ml of blood plasma to help covid victim

At the convocation ceremony of the police training school, every jawan is sworn in to be dedicated to public service along with the nation. Presenting a shining example of being faithful to this oath, the police officer of Warasia police station in Vadodara, Arun B. Mishra donated 500 ml of blood plasma in collaboration with Indu Blood Bank, taking time out of his busy schedule following the recent covid crisis.

It should be noted that blood cells i.e. blood plasma of those who have very high immunity against covid are very useful in healing the infected and treating the covid patients in critical condition. The covid resistance was found to be as high as 18.60 in lab tests and he decided to donate plasma as per the medical advice.

The donor is advised to take some rest after plasma donation. However, he chose to join the service immediately, respecting the call of duty. Arunbhai Mishra has been on duty since the beginning of the covid crisis since March 2020. As part of this, he has been working with the covid department of Sayaji Hospital. During this time he developed a fever but was not particularly affected by his strong immune system.

He says that due to the habit of regular exercise and work out, his body has maintained the fitness level. Exercise, discipline in the diet and staying free from addiction will definitely boost the immune system. He regularly drink hot water mixed with lemon every morning even in summer. He follow a strict diet and lives addiction free life.

He believes that as a result of all this, his immunity is very high, even higher than the score of 18.45. His level is 18.60 and as a result, he has donated plasma with the noble intention of saving the life of anyone suffering from covid. He believe that there is no greater work of humanity than saving the life of a person.

Indeed, through his life-saving plasma donation, Arun Mishra has truly embodied the motto of public service in the Police uniform

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