Vadodara Police nabbed two men for attacked police personnel during mask checking operation


Navapura police have taken legal action against two youths who disrupted government work by insulting police personnel during a mask-checking operation near Nehru Bhavan Char Rasta.

Ronak Kumar of the Unarmed Lokrakshak Dal on duty at the Navapura police station, had lodged a complaint that he along with another colleague was standing near Nehru Bhavan Char Rasta and checking people who are not wearing masks.

Meanwhile they saw a speeding car coming from Kirtistambh area and tried to stop it. However, the driver was driving at full speed and the police chased him and stopped the car near Kunj Plaza apartment. Two persons in the car Henil Patel and Manav Taylor was asked by the police to pay a fine of Rs.1000 for not wearing a face mask. The two get agitated and got into a scuffle with the police personnel.

Navapura police arrested the two persons on charges of reckless driving, obstruction of work of a government employee, assault on a police officer, violation of Covid 19 guideline and violation of declaration.


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