National Safety Day 2021

Distributed helmets players took oath to follow traffic rules

Vadodara police on Wednesday found a unique way to spread awareness among people about following traffic rules for their own safety. They visited the popular Vadodara Navratri Festival venue and conduct various programs to reach the larger audience.

With new traffic rules in place the Vadodara police is taking every possible way to spread awareness in people to follow traffic rules while driving on city roads. From banners, flex, online jingles, videos and seminars, the police is taking every possible step to aware the people.

In one such effort the police choose a good way to aware the people inside Garba venue. On Wednesday police Commissioner Anupam Sinh Gahlaut and other officials visit the popular VNF garba ground and distributed helmets to the eleven winners. Later they make the players took oath collectively to follow traffic rules now onwards as a responsible citizens of the city.


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