Recorded statement of Bhavin Soni and registered case against astrologers and deceased Mahendra Soni

In a Shocking revelation in a mass suicide case in Vadodara, police have found the family lost lakhs of rupees to astrologers. Police recorded the statement of surviving Bhavin Soni where they find about the angle and astrologers extorted Rs 32 lakh from them in the name of helping out the family to improve their economic situation.

Bhavin Soni, a survivor of the sensational mass suicide case of Vadodara’s Sama Swati Society, gives statement to the police late last night. In his statement he said that they have incurred 45 lakhs debt in order to sold their for forty lakhs they owned in the society. To get out of that debt and to sold the house for Rs 40 lakh through a house ceremony, 9 astrologers extorted Rs 32 lakh in the name of the ceremony.

Bhavin Soni further said in the statement that the house owned by them in Swati Society was sold for Rs 23 lakh. But there was also a loan of Rs 15 lakh on the house and due to this there was difficulty in documentation. The house buyer, on the other hand, was pushing for the given amount or document.

So his father Mahendra thought that if the house was sold for Rs 40 lakh, he would get out of debt. He had a ceremony with nine astrologers and tantriks to sell the house for Rs 40. But even after the ceremony, the debt was increasing as the house was not sold.

In a police statement, Bhavin said that his father decided to commit suicide as he had no way out of debt and house buyer was constantly pushing for the document. For the mass suicide, the father brought poisonous drugs and poured them into cold drinks and poisoned everyone. In which his father Mahendra, sister Riya and his son died. While his wife and mother’s health is serious.

Based on the statement Sama police registered fraud case against 9 astrologers and against deceased Mahendra Soni for giving poisonous drink to his four year old grandson and other family members. Further investigation is on in the matter.


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