Vadodara police commissioner suspend the cop seen in a viral video going on a bike without wearing mask. The vehicle also don’t have any number plate and he was also taking on phone while driving.

As per details video of a policeman going on a vehicle without a mask in public goes viral in social media in Vadodara. Responsible citizen shoot the video and question him for not wearing mask and why the vehicle did not have a number plate.

The video went viral on social media and comes to the notice of police commissioner Dr. Shamsher Singh and he gives order for a inquiry in the matter.

The viral video case was investigated by the police department and the cop in the video is found to be Ramesh Govindbhai, a police constable on duty in the police control room of Vadodara. The cop didn’t give satisfactory answer during the inquiry and police commissioner suspend him with immediate effect.

It is worth mentioning that police is strictly enforcing the government guidelines strictly and request people to follow the rules. In this case the action taken by the commisioner send a positive message in the society that law is equal for everyone.


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