Gives instructions on Yellow mark parking, remove encroachment on main roads and digital payments for motorists to pay the fines easily

In order to remove encroachment on public roads by surveying and eliminating the problem of haphazard parking, to make it easier for motorists to know the parking lot and to maintain a smooth parking system, Yellow Marking (Yellow Belt) has been instructed in the meeting of the Road Safety Committee by Vadodara police commissioner Dr. Shamsher Singh.

A meeting of the Road Safety Committee chaired by the Commissioner of Police discussed in detail the possibility of identifying black spots on public roads in the city. It has also been decided to conduct road safety audit of all the roads in the city through experts and engineers.

The team of experts will study all the roads in Vadodara city and give a comprehensive report on road safety to prevent accidents and traffic as well as increase public convenience. Based on which appropriate measures can be taken for the safety of the drivers. In addition, in the near future, digital payments will be arranged by the police for people to pay their fines easily.

The meeting was attended by officials from police, health, education and municipal departments.


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