Vadodara police commissioner order to ban mobiles at points to implement lockdown properly


Vadodara police is strictly implementing the lockdown rules in the city and request people to stay at home and not move out unnecessarily. However there is a complaint about policemen use their mobile phones while on duty and it affect the implementation of lockdown order strictly.

Putting the complaint in consideration on the instructions of DGP, Vadodara Commissioner Anupam Singh Gahlaut issues the order not to use mobile phones at the checking points. In a video message he request everyone to switch off their mobile while on duty. Only the mobiles of senior officers at the points will be available for any emergency messages.

He said excessive use of mobile can prevent the on duty police to implement the lockdown order strictly, risk of getting infection and always busy in their mobiles during duty hours. He order everyone except the senior officials to switch off their mobiles during the duty hours. The order is already implemented in the city and will continue till the lockdown period.


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