National Safety Day 2021

Vadodara Sayajiganj police nabbed two youths for intoxication after mixing syrup, capsules and some drug. Both were sitting at the corner of an ice cream parlor in Kamatibagh. After interrogation police have declared two as wanted in the matter.

As per details, Sayajiganj police recieved information about some youths were intoxicated and sitting near the ice cream parlor near Kamati Bagh. The team raid the place nabbed two youths for consuming intoxicants. The team seized some drug, capsules and coughsyrup bottles from them along with mobiles and a bike.

The two youths were found to be Samir Ramzan Luhar and Adil Mansoori. The two youths were detained by the police and many names were out during the interrogation. Police declared two as wanted and further investigate in the case.


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