Use their voting rights before their security assignments

Gujarat will see Loksabha elections in single day on 23 April 2019 where the voters will decide the fate of the candidates. With just a week left the administration already keep their machinery in place for free and fair elections inside the booths. Vadodara is also on the edge and the election commission is taking every measure to conduct the polls in swift manner.

The police teams are all set for the security arrangements during elections and also sure not to miss their voting rights. On Wednesday policemen and homeguards of Vadodara city and district cast their votes through postal ballot at Pratapnagar and Chhani headquarters.

The police jawans and homeguards reached the election booths to cast their votes before the duty. The election starts from the morning and will continue till evening. Postal ballots will be send to the police station for those who are unable to reach the booths.

Elections officers are also present at the centre to maintain the model code of conduct.



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