Arrested three seized loads of documents from their possession.

Vadodara police busted a racket of providing loans base on bogus documents presented in the finance companies. The team arrested three in the matter and seized loads of documents from their possession.

As per incharge PI of Warasia police station S. S. Anand the team recieved the information about one Biren Shah running Avishkar cyber cafe in the area and involved in a loan scam. He collected important identity documents from bank defaulters loan seeking people and present them in the finance companies by making changes. They present bogus documents and get loans against consumers products.

He further said Mubin Sheikh and Ganpat Rajput search the customers seeking loans and bank defaulters and took original identity proofs like Aadhar card,  Driving licence,  Pan Card from them and forged them in the office of Biren Shah. They make documents base on the same and purchase SIM cards to present the papers in the finance companies and sanctioned loans on consumer products. They them purchase products and later encash them by selling them to customers and cheat the finance companies.

The team arrested the three and recovered Aadhar card,  Pan card,  driving licence,  election card,  pen drives, computer and documents from their office. Police is further investigating in the matter.


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