Vadodara Police busted the gang of robbers who striked at two places in a space of eight days near Vadodara and loot cash and other belongings. The gang beat up the security guards locked them and decamp with the booty from the spot. All the accused are from Dhanpur Dahod and the interstate gang striked at many places all across the state.

On 9th Feb 2017 armed robbers striked at NTC college at Virod village near Vadodara and loot cash from inside the cashier room inside the campus. The robbers beat up the security guards on duty and broke furniture, glass and other things before loot the cash. They also tried to extract cash from the bank trying to broke the strong room and also the ATM machine but failed and in pandit of rage broke computers and CCTV cameras installed there.

On 16th February at Savli Samlaya road the armed robbers striked at the Baroda Dairy milk cooling center and beat up the Veterinary doctor and four security guards and ran away from there inside a jeep along with the looted cash all total 3,56,000.

IMG-20170218-WA0002After this twin strikes in the space of eight days the police on war footing tried to arrest the accused and activate their networks. After the instructions of top police officials V H Joshi PI LCB Vadodara along with his staff, K.D. Jaat PSI Parole Ferlo Squad, Utsav Barot Incharge PI SOG Vadodara formed different teams to arrest the accused.

Based on the input the police team arrested Shanabhai Rathod, Kalubhai Rathod, Mehul Parmar and Mukesh Bhuriya all from Dhanpur Dahod and during interrogating them the police able to get the name of other 12 accused. Raju Mohania, Sukhiabhai Mohania, Rakesh Mohania, Kaju Bhuriya, Abhesingh Parmar, Mukesh Bhabhor, Dilip Baris, Mahendra Parmar all from Dhanpur Dahod along with Amarbhai Mohania and Kiran Parmar from Makadwa all together attacked NTC college and Gotda milk cooling center and loot.

Out of the arrested the police recovered three mobiles from Kalubhai Rathod under the offence registered in Vadodara Taluka police station and Bolero, cash and 5 mobiles registered in Savli police station. And as Interrogation of the four accused it was revealed that they are involved in three offences in Baroda rural district, one in Bharuch and one in Anand.

Police also assumed that further investigation will lead to many more crimes all across Gujarat. Police arrested the four under CRPC 41 (1) and present before the court for remand application.

The main conspirator is Raju Mohania and Kaju Bhuriya. Raju is wanted in various districts of Gujarat for loot, robbery, theft, Sufia Bhabhor for loot with murder and Kaju Bhuriya for loot and all are wanted for various offences.

The Modus operandi of the gang is to target milk mandalis, high schools, colleges, ATM and houses and striked for loot and theft. They in groups entered the premises beat up the persons locked them and broke the CCTV and other things before decamp with the booty.

All the accused belongs to Tribal Vajuria and an interstate gang. Police is further investigating to arresting the remaining and busted the gang.


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