Caught one pimp declared his women associate as wanted

Vadodara police busted a flesh trade racket running in the city and caught the pimp from the spot. The team found two girls from there and declared his women associate as wanted.

As per details Bhavesh Thakkar and Nita Gohil rented a house in Swaminarayan duplex on Old Padra road and running a flesh racket from there. They brought girls from Nepal and involved them in the trade. J.P police get the information and with the help of dummy customer raided the duplex and busted the racket.

The team found the rent agreement in the name of Nita alias Nitu Gohil from the house. Both the touts contact the customers on mobile and charged 2500 to 3000 from them. They gives the service to send the girls at the place given by the customer. During primary investigation police found the racket was running from March and caught Bhavesh Thakkar from there. His partner Nita Gohil was declared as wanted in the matter by the police.


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