Vadodara police arrested two cousin brothers with one pistol and two local made weapons (Tamancha) in connection with firing on a builder and plan to extract 5 crores as ransom money. The incident happened five months ago where the accused dream to make their hold in the city.

Police Commissioner Manoj Sashidhar said the incident happened around five months ago where the builder Jitendra Agrawal received injuries on his leg in the firing. The matter was registered in J.P. police station and during investigation the SOG team arrested the duo in connection with the case.

The team arrested Abdulkhan Pathan originally from UP and now residing in Sofiya complex in Akota and his cousin brother Shaadaan Pathan residing in Mahabalipuram Part 2 at Tandalja road. The team recovered one pistol, two local made weapons, 9 live cartridges, mobiles and others from them.

Police Commissioner further said that the SOG team kept a watch based on the information near Rajesh Tower and caught both of them. He added that Abdulkhan Pathan went to UP last year in October and get 20 cartridges from one Dinesh Yadav alias D.K. Ramtirath and test here in the city firing in the air.

Meanwhile both of them decides to easy way of becoming rich by threatening builders and businessmen for ransom and attack the buider Jitendra Agrawal as their first target.

Commissioner said both the brothers did reiki and got his number from the board put up in his site. Both the accused kept a watch and on the night of the incident and fired on his car which injured the builder. The accused accept to get frightened and escaped from there as their intention was to extract money from him.

If the accused succeed in their plan they might tried for another victim and wants to create their hold in the city. But before they dream of it the SOG foiled their plan and arrested them.


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