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Vadodara police and fire department held emergency mockdrill in covid hospital

Vadodara police and fire department held emergency mockdrill in covid hospital

We saw many cases of fire incidents in designated Covid hospitals in Gujarat where patients lost their lives. Very recently patients under treatment and nurses lost their lives in a hospital in Bharuch and also some of the hospitals in Mumbai and Maharashtra. The fine line is to be prepare for the emergency situation and save precious lives.

As the cases are increasing in Vadodara, the hospitals are full with patients and it present a challenge of fire safety measures as the equipments are running round the clock at designated covid hospitals. In view of recent ill fated incidents inside the covid hospitals, the police and fire department are taking no half measures and visit the hospitals to check their preparedness and also correct them in their efforts with the help of mockdrill.

On Thursday Warasia police inspector K.N. Lathiya along with fire officer Amit Chaudhary and staff visited Kalawati Covid hospital at Warasia ring road and conduct a fire safety mockdrill to spread awareness regarding the points to be consider during the emergency and how to effectively operate the fire safety equipments.

Necessary instructions were also given on various mentioned points by the police and fire team.

  1. The ICU must have a fire sprinkler system and the attendants must be able to handle fire safety equipment properly and not be out of date.
  2. Smoke detectors must be in the whole hospital.
  3. Public address system must be installed.
  4. Exit point should be clearly readable and FIRE EXIT arrow should be affixed.
  5. Emergency alarms should be set up throughout the hospital.
  6. There should be a separate reserved area for ambulance and police vehicles to be parked and taking FIRE NOC is compulsory.
  7. Arrangements shall be made in advance regarding What kind of staff will be on duty at the time of fire?

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