Special checking, patrolling and other security measures by the police to stop the crime

Vadodara police make a action plan in view of the upcoming diwali festival where people do bumper shopping of jewellery and other items. The team also keeping a watch on specially the jewellery showrooms, Angadias and finance offices where big amount of cash transaction will be there as part of the festive season.

Diwali is just round the corner and people are already starting their shopping before the celebrations with their families and friends. This is the time when people do bumper shopping of jewellery, clothes and big cash transactions were done by the banks and angadias, the chances of crime also increase equally.

In view of such sensitive situations the Vadodara police also make action plans to stop such crimes during the festive season. They held a meeting with presidents and members of Vadodara city jewellers association, Angadia association and form a action plan to keep a watch on jewellery showrooms, Angadias and finance companies during the festival.

As part of their action plan the police decide to deploy the teams at areas of Ghadiyali pole, Sardar Bhavan line, Kansara pole, Alkapuri, Jetalpur road. Special patrolling by Crime branch, SOG and PCB at MG road, Gorwa, Gotri, Manjalpur and Sama. Police team with weapons do special patrolling and checking at jewellery showrooms, Angadia and Finance offices. The teams also note down the time and date for the people security.

Further more best quality cctv will be installed by the owners of jewellery showrooms, Angadias and Finance offices monitored by personal staff. The verification of security guards will be done by the police at the showrooms and offices. Round up of the suspicious movements and the owners must provide the details of new employees and the previous employees left the job to the crime branch.

During this time people often head for diwali vacations with their families and during such time the police will keep special watch on such locked houses. In view of terrorism threat police do special checking and patrolling at railway station, bus stand, crowded places,Malls, multiplexes, hotels, dhabas and religious places in the city. The teams also detain the accused involved in various offences in the city.


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