Vadodara police ACP comes to the rescue of old lady in depression


Unite her with parents to help comes out of depression

Vadodara city police is taking strict steps to implement the lockdown and aware people about staying at home to stop the chain of Coronavirus in the city. However the police also show their humanitarian side during this difficult times to help people with food and feeding animals as part of their responsibility.

One such noble gesture comes to light from the Manjalpur area of the city where F Division ACP S.B. Kumpawat  and his team saved a old lady from depression and unite her with parents. Her husband and children are living in America and she is alone in her house. During lockdown she is unable to move out from the house and the coronavirus news scared her so much that she feel mental depression. Her parents are residing nearby but due to lockdown they are also unable to visit her.

Meanwhile the lady stopped ACP Kumpawat and his team while they are on patrolling in the area and told them about her mental condition and fear of loneliness. Without wasting time he send his vehicle to her parents house and brought them here to live with their daughter.

The moment was emotional for the family and they thanked the police team for their noble gesture and salute them for their humanity while performing their duty during the lockdown.


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