Seized 11.62lakhs items from the shop

Vadodara PCB team caught one for selling duplicate shirts and T-shirt in the name of branded companies. The team raid inside the shop and seized items worth 11.62lakhs from there and booked the owner under copyright and trademark act.

As per details the PCB team recieved the information about one Geeta Enterprise selling the duplicate shirts and T-shirts under the name of branded companies. The team along with the investigation officer Jaydeep Bhatti of Netrika Construlting India Private Limited checked the shop at Raopura road and found the owner selling the duplicate clothes to the customers under the famous brand names.

The team arrested Vijay Vasrani for stocking different brands shirts and t shirts inside the shop.  The team seized items worth 11.62lakhs from the shop and booked him under copyright and trademark act and handover to Raopura police station for further investigation.


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