National Safety Day 2021

Jet introduced two flights towards the destinations

Vadodara is now connected with Indore and Jaipur by air as Jet Airways    started two new flights from the city on Sunday. In coming months the city will get three more additional flights to Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

On Sunday MP Ranjan Bhatt along with airport director Charan Singh inaugurated the two flights at Vadodara airport much to the enthusiasm of the people from the city. The two flights one towards Indore and another to Jaipur will benefit the people specially from Rajasthan.

Presently there are flights towards Mumbai and Delhi and there is a demand for more connectivity from the city which has the 2nd Green airport in the country.

“The flights to two important destinations will give much relief to the people specially from Rajasthan living in good numbers in Vadodara. The flights will operate four days a week and based on the demand we will increase the frequency. In coming months three more flights towards Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi will be introduced and gives more connectivity to the city with important cities. Right now there are 22 movements and 10 new will be added with the new connectivity,” said Charan Singh Airport Director Vadodara.

MP Ranjan Bhatt welcomed the first passenger of Vadodara Indore flight by giving them the boarding pass.


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