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Vadodara kids outshine in Shimla

Vadodara kids outshine in Shimla

22 states, 380 dance entries!!

Vadodara kids from Ananda Smart Kids Academy outshine in sub-junior category and junior category in modern dance style in Shimla.

Arnav Sethi secured 1st position in solo dance and Sharva Bhatt secured 3rd position in solo dance in Sub-junior category in Modern dance style in the 64th Dance and Drama competition held by All India Artist Association in Shimla between 6th June to 10th June 2019.

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Both the kids also secured 2nd position in duet dance in sub -junior category in modern dance style.

In the junior category,modern dance style, Durva Bhatt, Mahi Chauhan, Arthvi Haria, Rudransh Bhatt, Kaavya Trivedi and Chestha Luhana have secured 3rd position in group dance .

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