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Vadodara kids make people understand the importance of following covid guidelines strictly

Vadodara kids make people understand the importance of following covid guidelines strictly

Spread awareness in different areas via cycling

The whole world is going through a serious crisis of the Corona pandemic and the cases are increasing day by day in Gujarat including Vadodara. The administration is working on war footing to save the lives of people but it is our duty as a citizen to think about following the safety guidelines strictly. As together we can fight the deadly virus.

However people are still not taking it seriously and we often see cases of violations of covid guidelines like not wearing masks and social distancing. In such a situation the young children took the fight in their hands and spread awareness in the city of Vadodara. As schools are closed the kids utilise the time to engage in some serious activity and make people understand the importance of safety to fight coronavirus.

Around 10 kids namely Divyam shah , Nancy Panchal , ved Panchal , Prit patel , Rakesh Panchal, Viral shah and others cycled through different areas of the city every Sunday and appealing people to wear mask and maintain social distancing to fight Corona virus. With a slogan of Go Corona Go, the kids visits
Karelibaugh, Alkapuri, Fathegunj, Kalagodha,
Raopura, Jail road, Market crossing, Jubeli Baug, Sangam crossings via cycling to spread the message in people.

They are continuing this initiative for the last one month with an aim to make people understand the necessity of following the covid guidelines strictly. The present situation is very scary and the only way to save ourselves is to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Now it's high time that everyone understand the responsibility and atleast make the efforts of these kids a worth it.

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