Give free utensils to people after refundable security deposit

To stop the use of plastics and thermocol a city girl Dhwani Bhalavat from Vadodara starts a crockery bank to help people understand the concept of eating healthy food. With a security deposit one can get the utensils from her and return back after the function. The deposit is refundable and return back to the user which makes it completely free for the people.

Dhwani completes her degree in Dentistry and now pursuing her internship from Manubhai Dental college. Like every youngster she wants to do something for the society and extend help to save the environment with her start up.

“I read a article recently about a person started the same concept in Delhi and contact him for the details. With my own investment and help from friends I started the first ever crockery bank in Vadodara. The aim is to spread awareness in people about the bad effects of using plastic and thermocol in functions, shops and other places,” said Dhwani.

Dhwani purchased 50 plates, glass and spoons in the start and strongly prove her point before others to stop using plastic. “I use the concept first in my college function and the idea was appreciated by everyone. We give the utensils to any function after the deposit amount and getting the I card of the user. The user has to return the utensils in clean condition to us and we refund the deposit. The condition is to return the plates and other things clean,” said Dhwani.

She designed a page crockerybankvadodara on her facebook and instagram pages to take orders. She also gives her whatsapp number 9510841844 for inquiries and taking the orders from people who wants to use the services of crockery bank.

“We often see the big use of plastic and disposable plates in marriage and social functions, birthday parties, ceremonies as people find it easy to use. However in this way they are playing with their own healths. The steel utensils are easy to use and not have any bad effects on the user. Secondly the plastic will not be dumped besides the roads and it can help the lives of animals munching on the them,” said Dhwani.

With just one week into the initiative Dhwani is now planning to first extensively campaigning the idea between the people and stick posters in couple of food outlets in the city. She also aggressively manage the social media page to get connected with the youths to make the change. She also plans to visit schools with the idea starting from her own school after the summer vacations.

Dhwani also not wants to waste water on cleaning the plates and hence gives idea to use bucket water to first clean the utensils and later wash it under the running tap. People often wash plates under running tap which is a sheer waste of water.


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