Kanchan Gurwani a girl from Vadodara is on a mission to popularize Yoga all across the world through her designs.


Gurwani a student of fashion design in INIFD Baroda recently showcase her two dresses in London Fashion Week which has the elements of Yoga in it. Gurwani is the only girl from Gujarat to visit the prestigious fashion week along with a students group from India. This is for the first time a Indian group was invited to the fashion week in London.


It’s a matter of pride for Vadodara as the Gujarati Girl Kanchan Gurwani is selected to show her designs amongst the 16 other finalists at a world level event. The students showcase their designs at the London fashion week in the month of September this year. This is for the first time since 1943 any Indian student body has been given a chance to showcase Collection of its students at a major International Fashion Week.


Out of 20000 students, 500 were shortlisted and out of them 17 INIFD student designers across India have managed to reach the final round of selection. The 16 students showcase their designs at Fashion Scout during London Fashion week on 17th September at London.


Kanchan Gurwani from Vadodara is the only girl from Gujarat selected for the prestigious event. Belongs to a family of yoga teachers the girl wants to put the yog legacy on the world map through the medium of fashion. She said Yoga gives her flexibility and concentration in thinking unique designs for her clothes.


“My father Laxman Gurwani is a yoga teacher and also a All Gujarat president of Patnjali. As I belongs to a yog family I took the concept of yog in my designs and present it on the grand stage at world’s major fashion capital London. I want to take yoga on international level and make it a fashion statement globally,” said Kanchan.


Kanchan took the theme of Yog and design the clothes and present the Indian rich culture in Western Aesthetic style. “I took the theme of Yog and shows the elements like reflections flexibility, folds and positive energy. My style is fabric manipulation also called Origamy where I creates different kind of folds in my dresses. I used Khadi and silk for the Indian and leather swade for the western. I tried to show Yog indirectly through my designs to the world through western style with a touch of Indian heritage,” said Kanchan.


The London fashion week was a rich experience for her as she is now planning to launch her own fashion line. She was also featured in the Vogue UK Magazine. “I showcased my two designs one Blazer and Trouser and other Off Shoulder Top and Skirt based on Yoga elements there and both were appreciated by the audience there. Its the moment of my life when I was featured in the Vogue UK Magazine which is a dream for every fashion designer. The exposure gives a me a loads of confidence and now i am going to launch my own fashion line. I already registered the label called ‘Gurwani’s Couture’ and soon started to design under this banner,” said Kanchan. She also add that shoe designers Valentino and Prada also witnessed her designs.


But the route for this success is not easy as she faced criticism and other things which can stop her to go to London. “During the selection trials I lost my Grand Mother and my family was not ready to send me to London. They also are insecure about me as i am traveling to London so they want me not to go. But I listen to myself and went their and now my family specially my Grandfather is proud of me. That is my success and I also guide the other girls to empower herself by listening to their inner feelings, fight with everyone and grab the opportunity,” said Kanchan.


Kanchan is now looking forward to launch her fashion line and indulge herself to fabric manufacturing. She has a dream that her garments will be available in every malls of India and all across the world.