Vadodara girl picture of red ink on Sanitary pad storms social media


A Vadodara girl took the social media Padman challenge in her own way by posting a picture of her with a pad having red ink on it. Termed it as a gimmick she said it’s a regular thing and why people are waking up now. She received lots of likes and trolls for her post but said the idea is to take the first step rather then worrying about the consequences.

Rajeshwari Singh director of I India a Infotainment company posts a picture of her with the pad having red ink on it. She also hold the ink in her hand to clear the misconception about the picture. The picture received lots of likes and comments and many shared it on their social platforms.

The post and the picture says it all as Rajeshwari wants to give a bold message to break the taboo prevails in the society. She said the real challenge is to change the misconception in the society and the Padman challenge is just a gimmick. She said they take up this challenge every month and there is nothing to hide as it’s a natural process.

About the trolls she said it’s not a publicity stunt but a bold step risking her reputation on line. She wants to break the taboo and hence use the red ink in the picture to take the first initiative to aware the society.

Known for her unique concepts Rajeshwari is now coming out with a new concept called Pink challenge this Valentine Day specially for men. In the Men’s first challenge the man who donate waste paper equivalent to his weight will get one year free stock of Napkins from them.



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