Provide branded items at affordable price to people of low income group

Diwali is the time when everyone clean their houses and get rid of the old items to purchase the new ones. However there are people who don’t have such liberty and they always want to have such things in life specially in the festive season.

To fulfill the dreams of such people Ananta Charitable Trust organise a gift gala ‘Khushiyon Ki Kabat’ with thousands of products on display. The intresting part is that anyone can get the items for just 10rupees from there. The aim is to bring smile on the faces of such people who can’t afford such liberty in life.

“Everyone knows that diwali is the time when everyone is eagerly waiting for the festive gifts from their loved ones. We phase out the old items and replace with the new ones as part of celebrations. However the products which we dumped is sometimes more useful for the ones who can’t afford it and we provide them the platform to own them,” said
Anuj Nagarseth.

Started four years ago the initiative is growing every year with people donate the old items to them and the group repacked them like brand new and displays it in their exhibition.

“We collect toys, sports equipments, clothes, footwear, Linen, household utensils, stationeries and school supplies from the donors at our drop points. After collection we clean up the items and then repack it and displays it just like the new ones. The aim is to provide neat and branded items to the people of low income group who can’t afford such luxury,” said Nagarseth.

All the collections from the initiative goes to educate the underpreviliged students.



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