Beauty saloons getting inquiries about the hair styles and face makeup looks unique not spoiled under humid conditions

As rains continue to haunt navratri this year in Vadodara the dancers are getting waterproof makeup to flaunt their style inside the venues. This year the beauty saloons are also getting inquiries about the hair styles and face makeup which looks unique and not spoiled under the humid conditions.

Navratri in Vadodara is something people are waiting for the whole year and revellers are eagerly waiting for the nine nights festival to start. Girls specially designed their costumes for the festival and flaunt their matching jewellery and the makeup to look special among the crowd. With rains play spoilsport the girls this time are asking for the waterproof makeup to stand under the humid and rainy conditions.

Keta and Tulsi from Salon 25 are busy these days to get the girls ready for Navratri. From hair to face the beauty experts are trying to give the girls as well as boys a perfect make over based on the recent humid conditions due to rains. Not only that they give tips to them about carrying their style outside and inside the venues.

Talking about the trends Tulsi said, “As the rains still hovering around we suggest a waterproof makeup with less foundation to stay in such humid situations. Talking about the eyes the girls like smoky, glitter and nude eyes. If they highlight the eyes then keep the lips suttle and vice versa. Highlighters are in trend this time and we suggest good brands for them”.


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