Serve notices about lack of fire safety measures

Vadodara fire brigade continue their drive and conduct checking inside Navrachna and New Era schools about the fire safety measures. The team checked the equipments and served them notice after found the fire equipments not in perfect state and serve notice to them. They also guide the staff about replacing the missing substances and about the procedure to get the NOC from the fire department.

On Monday around 15 teams from corporation and fire brigade started the checking inside schools, tution classes about following the safety rules inside the premises. Fire officer Om Jadeja said.

Their teams conduct checking inside Navrachna school in Sama and New Era school in Nizampura regarding following the fire safety rules inside the premises. Both the schools lacks the safety equipments and in less quantity. Both schools don’t take the NOC and hence served the notice from the department.

He further said after the Surat incident seven teams of Fire Brigade and 8 teams of VMC town planning conduct checking inside the schools, tution classes and buildings and shall continue in coming days. They strictly checks the fire safety norms and serve notices to the violaters.


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