Whole Vadodara city is in festive mood on the occasion of Ganesh Visarjan on Tuesday with DJ’s and dhols spread the music and happiness in the air. Devotees are giving emotional farewell to the lord Ganesh with dance, music and gulal.

One of the popular spots in Vadodara the historical Sursagar lake turns out to be the hang out place on Ganesh Visarjan day as people reached the spot in big numbers to have a glimpse of the lord immersed in water. The chants of Ganpati Bappa Morya Mangalmurti Morya spreads in the air around the lake with people from every walk of life joined the celebration.

Ganesh idols of every size are immersed inside the water with big and heavy ones being lowers down with the help of heavy duty cranes. Everyone enjoys the festive spirit and pray to Ganpati Bappa for come again next year.

Vadodara police also makes ample security arrangements in view of the IB Input and the Ganpati visarjan. They also appealed the people not to listen any rumors and celebrate the festival.


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