Vadodara family made crematorium their home for last one year

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Vadodara family made crematorium their home for last one year

Taking the responsibility for funeral of deceased corona patients

Corona pandemic caused a large scale devastation in the world. Many lost their families, jobs, business and also forced to take their lives. However there are people who inspite of all the suffering stand strong and fight with the situation.

Here is the story of a family from Vadodara who have made the crematorium their home and have been living there for the last one year. They are taking all the responsibility for the funeral of the deceased Corona patients and performed the last rights with hindu rituals.

Originally from Maharashtra and now living in Vadodara, Kanaiyalal Shirke was engaged in the business of color work but lost his job due to lockdown and support his family by doing odd jobs. With no support he finally decided to stay in the cemetery with his family.

Kanaiyalal has been living in the city's Vasana cemetery with his wife and young children for the past one year. He is performing the last rites of corona patients and Ash immersion at his own expense. He has been working to remove the rods in the cemetery's electric pyre and even get burn injuries on his hands and feet.

Kanaiyalal said that due to the current Corona epidemic, some relatives are not even willing to touch the body and even the ash after the last rites. In such a situation he collect the ash and immerse them in river at his own expense to give moksha to the departed soul. Some social organizations are now supporting the family with food and other help after get to know about the noble work they are doing in such challenging situation.

Usually the citizens avoid or hesitate going to the cemetery. But this family stays in there and their good deeds are being appreciated all over the city.

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