Vadodara engineer pen down a book on sensitive topic of rape


Tries to highlighting many hidden possibilities behind the level of brutality and insanity in crimes like Rapes

Rape is such a heinous crime which not only put the whole family of the victim into a trauma for lifetime but also raise questions about the society we are living in. Strong laws and timely action can help in stop such crimes but we need to understand the mentality of such offenders.

With a same intention in mind a engineer from Vadodara pen down a book to put some light on the sensitive matter through fictional characters.

Ankit Mistry (Pen Name Maahir) is academically an Engineer and loves his hometown known as the city of Banyan Trees. He claims if someone spends a definite time, he would not like to live anywhere else.

It is most beautiful city of Gujarat to live in as far as quality of life, safety and other basic needs to a smallest man is concerned. He is born and brought up in Vadodara, has completed his Diploma in Electrical Engineering from M.S.University and started his career in Electrical Engineering Industry.

A boy, born and brought up in a lower middle class family, clueless about how to move ahead in career, started doing a job immediately after turning 18. Learned various aspects and fundamentals of business during his tenure of 14 years in the industry.

Today at the age of 32, he is exploring himself as an individual human being. He is presently doing a job in a local company as a marketing manager. He has a dream to run an academy addressing the learning and development of humans, which he feels is highly needed for a better world tomorrow. With a dream of contributing something big to world, he started writing when he was 23 years old.

With a dream of becoming a revolutionary influencer to the world, Ankit has tried his best to give a thought through this book highlighting many hidden possibilities behind the level of brutality and insanity in crimes like Rapes.

“I remember the quote from the great Indian poet & writer Rabindranath Tagore – “Every child comes with a message that god is not yet discouraged of a Human”. This is not a quote, but a question. It questions the insanity of humans. I have heard of many such cases where human has crossed all the limits of insanity, brutality and they have proved that kindness and mercy has disappeared from the mankind,” said Ankit.

He shared, 2020, has been really very tough and everyone know, how a small virus mysteriously spread throughout the world and can take millions of lives. The richest countries has been forced to surrender against the pandemic. India was also under lockdown and people struggled a lot to both ends meet. The only positive thing is people spend some quality time with their families and learn many things while staying at home.

So what make him to write book on such a sensitive topic and he said, one fine evening I saw a headline in one of the local news channel about a four Year old poor girl child has been brutally raped while she went to answer nature’s call near railway tracks. Going to the depth of the news, I remembered the quote from Rabindranath Tagore, but questioned it! Why god is not yet discouraged of a Human? One of such quality of human has sparked me to write this book and explore to find out the reason, why it is like that? I hope I can precisely convey a message that will be helpful to spread an awareness among the mankind and of our real being.

“Today, Rape is a very common crime admitted throughout the world. There are various levels of punishments in various countries. What I feel is punishing the rapist is not the only remedy to stop such crimes. How can we ensure that even a strongest punishment to one rapist may control the rapes? It is still happening. Time by time the cruelty of rapes have increased. In recent times, the laws have changed and favorable decisions have been taken, though the threat of such criminals is still alive,” said Ankit.

“I wonder about the mental state of criminals in various cases, but could not find the reasons of admitting a crime like Rape in such a brutal way. You may have also heard about a rape of 3 months, 6 months old child. This surprises me and makes forces me to think about what does a rapist get from a 4 year old child? The idea of writing this book is not to educate those criminals, I am hardly capable of doing that in my own way. But to lighten those weak links of the system, who can contribute in stopping such crimes. I strongly believe that an act like Rape doesn’t happen in a day. It is a long journey. It is not a physical act, it is completely a psychological unbalancing of a person that forces him to demonstrate the insanity at its peak that too without guilt. It is nothing but a psychic failure. The rapist can be any one from the crowd,” he further added.

The book is available on Amazon online shopping site.


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