Students get to know the technical details and use their democratic right to vote.

Vadodara election commission organised a first time voters awareness seminar in the MSU where the students get to know the technical details and use their democratic right to vote. More than 500 students attend the programme and enthusiastically pledge to vote for a change.

First time voters are the one who has the enthusiasm in them but some how without proper knowledge they sometimes don’t use their right to vote. The spread awareness in such youngsters a programme was organised by the election commission where Vadodara collector Shalini Agrawal share information about the A to Z of voting.

“They are the first time voters and has the enthusiasm in them as their names displays in the list. We organise the session to give them information and live demo about the EVM’s, VVPAT, documents required for voting and many other technical details to help them vote,” said Agrawal.

The students attending the seminar get to know the details and now eager to vote for a better future. “We are college students and this year will vote for the first time. As a youth we know our responsibility and use our democratic right to vote for the best candidate for a change. Voting is a responsibility and we are eager to vote for the better future,” said one of the student attending the seminar.



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