Vadodara District Collector obtained permission to send the students from Assam back home


 32 students studying in MSU able to return to their home state of Assam

Under the guidance and instructions of District Collector Shalini Agarwal the district administration paved way for the return of 32 students from Assam staying and studying in Vadodara. In coordination with Government of Assam, the administration help students to return home recently.

One thing to note here is that under normal circumstances the governments of the states of Assam and the North East have not allowed people to be sent back to those states. But district collector herself took interest under the humane and compassionate approach towards these students coordinate with the goverments and paved way for their return. Otherwise the state governments still not allow the people who wants to return back to these states.

Informing about this, Kaushik Rohit Nodal Officer for North Eastern Regions and DILR said, around 32 students from Assam studying in various branches of MSU were eager to go home.

The Assam Government had approached the Vadodara District Collector for further action by generating the required pass through her mediation as a special case. The Collector responded with sympathy and asked the concerned officers to take immediate action.

Accordingly, the Nodal Officer and Deputy Collector Ram Joshi completed the procedures including making e-pass to facilitate the journey of these students. After completing all the necessary formalities, these students have left for their hometowns under self managed transport system, said Rohit.


  1. Can we join with them Sir, we five of us stuck in Bharuch which is near of Vadodara. Sir please do something if there any chances to go with the students.


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