Vadodara district administration sealed Tandalja area


Decision taken after one positive patient learnt to be working there in hospital

In view of the rising cases in Vadodara the district administration sealed the Tandalja area after Nagarwada to stop the spread of virus to other areas. After the high level meeting the area is declared as red zone ans completely put a ban on any entry exit from there. Sanitising process is carrying on by the municipality teams in the area along with the screening of people to check any symptoms of COVID 19.

After the five cases in one day comes from Nagarwada the administration takes the strict decision to seal the Tandalja area as one of the patient visits the hospital there and might be also in contact with some patients. As a precautionary measure the area is declared as red zone to prevent any entry and exit of people.

“As a strict precautionary step the local administration after a meeting declared some of the areas in Tandalja as red zone. It is learnt that one of the positive patient is working in a hospital here and might be in contact with the patients. As a precautionary measure the area is sealed which includes nearly 1900 houses and 7000 people in the area. The area is completely sealed and screening of people is underway to check them and spreading the virus to other areas,” said Dr. Vinod Rao OSD Gujarat government.

On Thursday morning the municipality teams are engaged in sanitising the areas and the health teams are in process to complete the screening of people. Police also deployed in the areas and prevent unnecessary movement through barricading.


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