Vadodara cyber crime team arrest accused involved in creating fake social media profile of city police commissioner


Vadodara cyber crime team arrest the accused involved in creating fake social media profile of city police commissioner Dr. Shamsher Singh and seek money from people. He was arrested from Delhi and has a modus operandi of involved in earning easy money by using his computer knowledge and create fake profiles of well known people.

As per details the accused created fake Facebook profile of Vadodara police commissioner using his name ‘Shamsher Singh’ and use his picture as profile photo on the wall. He send request to people and asked for money to be deposited in phonepay account. Police commissioner himself post the message on his real social media profile and request people not to accept any such request. A offence was also registered in the cyber crime and they immediately swung into action to caught the accused.

The team with the help of technical sources get the details of the fake Facebook profile and the PhonePe and finally found the location of the accused in Delhi. A team of cyber crime and parole ferlo squad rushed to Delhi and arrest the accused Yogesh Sharma from Vasant Kunj area taking the help of scientific and human intelligence sources. The accused accept the crime and police initiate process of his covid 19 test as per guidelines.

Talking about the modus operandi of the accused, he used his computer knowledge to create fake social media profiles of political personalities, police officers and other people to earn easy money. With account cloning and hacking he first download the profile from Facebook account and after access the contact list sent request to them. After gaining their confidence he ask for money from them and deposited in his and other people’s account. During investigation the team found that he is involved in creating 50 such fake accounts and two more offences was registered in Faridabad against him.

The accused Yogesh Sharma is a musician by profession resides in Vasant kunj in Delhi and originally from Andheri Mumbai. He studies BCA in Akash Institute, Sikkim Manipal University and done many courses in computer. He also worked in three different companies. His father is a rickshaw driver. Further investigation is on in the matter.


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