Accused use juveniles in crime after breaking the shutters of shops

Vadodara crime arrested a gang of robbers involved in breaking the locks of shops and stole the items kept inside. The accused took help of three juveniles to make them enter the shops after lifting the shutters and stole the items.

As per the details the police received complaints about the gang active in Vadodara city and nearby areas like Padra, Por involved in stealing items from inside the shops. During patrolling they arrested Ranchodbhai Patanwadia and his associate kamlesh Damor involved in the crime.

As per the MO they break into the shops situated in one line and stole whatever items kept inside. They involve three juveniles to get inside the shops after breaking the shutter and steal cash and whatever items they found inside. The accused Ranchodbhai use his rickshaw for the crime.

After investigation the police found their involvement in 38 matters and recovered around 83,000 worth items they stole from Manjalpur and Makarpura. The police handover the juveniles to their parents after counselling and a strict warning.



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