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Vadodara Congress launch vaccination campaign in city

Vadodara Congress launch vaccination campaign in city

Spread awareness through placards and posters about the importance of vaccination

In view of the scary corona situation in the country, government has announced to vaccinate all the people above 18 years of age and also to provide free vaccine to them. which is a welcome decision. However there is still a lack of awareness and people are hesitating to take the vaccine.

With an aim to spread the awareness, Vadodara Congress have launched a campaign for vaccination in the city. The aim is to make them understand the importance of Vaccine to fight the deadly coronavirus. On Friday they gathered at Badamdi Baug and appeal the citizens to get vaccinated through placards and posters. At the same time, banners have been put up in many places in the city to spread awareness about vaccination.

They appeal that to defeat corona and increase herd immunity vaccination is the only option and to motivate people they will reach out to the doorsteps and request them to get vaccinated. Congress vaccination chariot will go door to door to appeal to the people for vaccination. The chariot will provide water to public places where water is needed and social distance will be observed where crowds have gathered.

Many states have declared free vaccinations for 18 plus people. They request the Gujarat government to make arrangement for free and compulsory vaccination and steps should be taken to prevent private hopitals charged hefty money from patients.

In the current situation when people are financially weak, the Congress appeal the government to make arrangements for free vaccination for all people. At the same time, they appeal the public to take the first dose of the vaccine as it helps in gaining strong immunity to fight the virus.

The plasma donation program has been launched by the Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee and the Health Committee at a time when the number of donors is very low as the need for life-saving plasma for corona treatment is very high. They appeal people to join the fight for humanity as a plasma donor.

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