National Safety Day 2021

Gives memorandum and request to make it refundable

Vadodara Congress put allegations on one of the popular garba organisers United Way of Baroda for charging money from the girls which they mention as non refundable is something not acceptable. They gives a memorandum in this regard to the organisers and request them to give discount and make the money refundable to them.

The city is slowly preparing for the nine nights festival of Navratri and all the big and famous garba organisers already start the registration process for the revellers. One of the famous United Way garba is also registering the names and collection the fees from the boys and girls participants.

However the Congress raised objection on collecting hefty fees from the girl participants and approached the organisers. They also question about the non refundable clause for the girls which is unacceptable.

On Friday Rutvij Joshi along with other members reached the office of UWB and gives a memorandum to the organisers in this regard. They raised questions about increasing the fees of girls participants to 700 this year which is non refundable.

They said and request the organisers to make the fees refundable and also give discounts to the participants like the school and college girls who don’t have any source of income and totally depend on their parents.


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