National Safety Day 2021

City received 15mm rains while Karjan record the most 24mm

Vadodara city and district recieved good rains on Tuesday morning gives people respite from the heat a humid condition. The city received 15mm rains while Karjan record the most 24 mm rains.

The rains started since morning with medium speed to give people a respite from heat and humidity they experience for few days. As the rains began to pour since early morning the parents find it difficult to drop their children to schools. Some low lying areas also see water logging makes it difficult for the people to pass.

Talking about the figures Vadodara received 18mm rains, Padra 2mm, Savli 15mm, Desar 10mm, karjan 24mm, Shinor 10mm, Dabhoi 10mm and Waghodia 22mm till today.


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