Radio Prison Live became a medium

Last Sunday was going to be unique for the inmates of Vadodara Central Jail and the staff on duty. On this day all listened to “Mann Ki Baat” of the Prime Minister. It may be recalled that the Prime Minister connects with the country through this program on last Sunday of every month through All India Radio.

Its 75th episode aired last Sunday was also heard by the jail inmates. Through this program, the Prime Minister introduces innovative ideas of society and nation building to the people, discusses the trends of pioneering development, the usefulness of other people to society and country, environment conservation, water conservation, education and social reform as well as women empowerment experiments. With this he indicates the direction of joining these trends.

Radio Prison Live made it possible for inmates to broadcast the program live under a unique arrangement that could be called the prison’s own radio.

It is to be noted that the Gujarat State Jail Authority has adopting broadcasting technology as a new initiative for the welfare of the inmates, on March 3 this year. The radio broadcasting facility was started in the prison premises of Vadodara, which was the fourth radio station of the state prisons in Gujarat. Prisoners have been made partners in its management.

Its purpose is to give the inmates a chance to listen to hymns, songs, ballads, discourses, and to accelerate reform efforts. This arrangement gives the inmates a wonderful opportunity to become radio jockeys, manage broadcasts and present their art and ideas.

Under this arrangement, the prisoners expressed their happiness to have the opportunity to listen to the live program of the Prime Minister. Prison staff also joined them in the broadcast hearing.


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