Farmhouses packed as families enjoyed the day filled with colours, food and dance

Vadodara celebrates the festival of Holi and Dhuleti with great joy as the people visit their families and friends throw coloured powders on each other, laugh, gossip and share Holi delicacies, food and drinks. This year many prefer the festival destination concept and enjoy the whole day with colours, live DJ, food and games.

Dhuleti is a festival where people prefer to enjoy the whole day with their families and friends. Vadodara known for its culture and beautiful celebrations is also among the list of hot destination this year to celebrate Dhuleti. With lavish farm houses in the outskirts people of the city prefer to visit there and celebrate the day with colours, live DJ, food, games and lots of fun away from the hectic daily life.

Neonz Lifestyle and Recreation Club on Dabhoi Malataj road is one such destination this year provide the much needed space to the people celebrate the festival of colours. Everyone dance to the tunes of DJ, threw colours and extend wishes to each other spreading colours in life. For them it’s a day never to be forget.


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