Displayed his journey from childhood to scaling the moon with Chandrayaan 2 through photo exhibition

Vadodara kept it’s tradition alive to celebrate the birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi falls on Tuesday. The city remember him from his childhood to scaling the moon with Chandrayaan 2. A photo exhibition showing his journey from a chaiwala to Prime Minister of India and take the country to new heights with his innovative ideas is the perfect gift to him on his birthday.

Programmes like exhibition, symbolic worship of Narmada water and plantation was held at Urmi school to extend wishes to the PM and support the causes he started. Gujarat assembly speaker Rajendra Trivedi, MP Ranjan Bhatt, Mayor Jigishaben Sheth and other dignitaries remain present at the programmes to celebrate the ocassion.

To start with the photo exhibition consists of 82 flex, showcasing his childhood and the growth from a chaiwala to Prime Minister. The exhibition gives the detailed description about Narendra Modi as a child, then joined the Jan Sangh and with his dedication and hardwork as karyakarta became CM of Gujarat and later Prime Minister of India.

As Prime Minister of India Modi started various schemes for the benefit of people and make changes in VIP culture are some of the works displayed in the exhibition. Most recently the Chandrayaan 2 project and exploring the wild with Bear Grylls are some of the achievements displayed at the school.

The dignitaries later worship Narmada river (symbolic) at Sama lake and thanked her for providing water to the people of Gujarat. Finally they all plant saplings at the school premises as part of birthday celebrations of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


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