Made ayurvedic belly button oils which heals instantly

As Corona cases continue government is taking strict measures to contain the virus and also speeding up the vaccination to provide a protective shield to everyone. People are also taking a number of measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Vadodara city and also promote the mantra of stay fit to fight the disease.

Swati Vakharia, a businesswoman in Vadodara starts the healing touch of Nabhisutra as a treatment for various diseases. In the year 2019, she established a venture called Nabhisutra under Self-reliant India and under this she made oil for the diagnosis of various diseases keeping in mind the navel known as the second brain of the body. Living in Nizampura area Swati had completed her MBA and set up Woman Planet in the year 2012, under which a number of programs were organized to promote women.

The navel is control room of 72000 nerves and was started to be nourished using the methods shown in Ayurveda and Indian scriptures. Currently the oil is made using Nabhisutra to solve many types of problems like hair and skin care, joint pain, brain development, menstrual pain, immunity booster, digesting, eye care and sleep induction.

Immunity booster oil is an elixir cure to prevent corona. As people are using different medications to treat themselves during this challenging times, the oil drops of Nabhisutra gives a healing touch at the point with instant results, claims Swati. Currently people in Dubai, Africa and the US are embracing umbilical cord therapy. People from Malaysia and Singapore will also adopt umbilical cord therapy in the near future.

Hair oils made by using the original thyme, onion, turmeric, fenugreek, almonds, neem and coconut strengthen the hair and also stop hair loss. It also help in getting rid of the problem of hair breakage and hair becomes stronger. Using oils made without the use of chemicals enhances memory and also does not cause dandruff in the hair.


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